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04-17-2008, 07:41 PM

Aikido with Ki by Koretoshi Maruyama

This used paperback is in very good condition. It looks like it was never even read.
There is a crease in the front cover but the spine looks new. All the pages are there and in excellent condition.

This introduction to Ki No Kenkuykai Aikido (AKA Ki Society Aikido) is a very well known book - often referred to as "the green book" is an
excellent reference Ki Society Aikido students as well as any other Aikido student interested in knowing about different branches of
Aikido. It may even help students of other martial arts understand something about ki and basic Aikido.

I have seen these used on amazon for $125.00 the starting bid includes postage in USA. Outside of USA postage is extra.

more titles will be coming soon