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03-31-2008, 10:52 AM
Hello Everyone,

My name is Mark Lipsinic.
I have been training in Nishio Aikido for the past 16 years, and Aiki Toho Iaido for 15 years.
I've earned the rank of Sandan from Aikikai through Shihan Shoji Nishio Sensei, and also earned the rank of Sandan in Aiki Toho Iaido.
I started my Aikido training in 1992 in San Antonio, Texas under David Ham Sensei. I earned the rank of Shodan in 1998, and earned Shodan in Aiki Toho Iaido later that same year. In Jan. 2000 I moved to Santa Monica, CA for school and continued my Aikido training under Robert Bryner Sensei in W. Los Angeles and earned my Nidan in Aikido and Aiki Toho Iaido later that same year. In 2003, I earned my Sandan in Aiki Toho Iaido followed by earning Sandan in Aikido in 2004. In March 2007 I returned to Texas by way of Houston where I currently live and continue to practice Nishio Aikido and train at Nations Aikikai with Nelson Andujar Sensei.

I demonstrated with Robert Bryner Sensei at the Aikido Journal Friendship Seminar in Las Vegas, and was Uke for Yoshida Sensei at the following Friendship Seminar in Los Angeles.

It has been sometime since I joined any forum or email list to do with Aikido, but some of you from the old Aikido-L email list may remember me. I'm sure Jun Aikiyama knows who I am. :)

I look forward to conversing with all you here and contributing to this forum whenever I can.

Thank you,

Mark Lipsinic
Sandan - Nishio Aikido
Sandan - Aiki Toho Iaido

03-31-2008, 11:20 AM
Hi Mark,

Nice to see you again! Hope you're doing well in Texas and welcome to AikiWeb.


-- Jun

03-31-2008, 11:44 AM
Hey Jun!
How's it going, and what are you up to these days?
I've been working for an architecture firm here in Houston for the past year, doing architectural design and 3D rendering, and things are going fine.