View Full Version : Suggestions for best ways to disperse Aikido book/tape collection?

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02-17-2008, 11:49 AM
Hello, everybody,

I would like to start passing along some of my rather
large collection of Aikido books and VHS tapes that I
accumulated during the years that I did practice
(1992-2000). As I'm on hiatus for a rather long time now
(family, career), I'd like to put my collection back into
circulation for Aikido devotees who would actively be
using and enjoying this these materials.

1) I was wondering if any here have some
suggestions / opinions as to best ways to do this,
including use of Marketplace here?

2) One question I have is determining reasonable value.

For example, at Amazon.com's Marketplace I noted that two
of the books I have to sell, Toshishiro Obata's two paperback books:

- "Samurai Aikijutsu" (2nd printing, October 1990)
- "Crimson Steel" (1st printing, August 1987)

Seem to bring fairly high resale values (used very good versions
seem to bring prices starting at about $50). Would Amazon.com
used marketplace be an accurate gauge of the reasonable
asking price?

I would be happy to post back here, a list of my available collection.

Thx so much.

Nick P.
02-18-2008, 06:54 AM
Hello Mr. Sing,

I think a listing of what you have is mandatory, and perhaps include a note for each concerning overall condition (i.e. poor, fair, excellent). Of course prices would be nice, but not mandatory for now and can be updated later. A nice touch would be to include a link to the book (even from another seller) or video, so buyers can see what they are getting.

If you are flexible on the price indicate OBO (or best offer) next to the price. Remember to indicate whether your prices include shipping or not, and if thet do, indicate what type of shipping (service, tracking number included, etc)

On the topic of price, I personally sell most items I am no longer using at around 50% of what I paid for it...perhaps less. Thats just me. If you are looking to recoup some of your investment, than an escrow service would be better, I think.

We had one member who, upon having to stop his training permanently, gifted his books and videos collection to the club, and we opened a library with it that club members could borrow; it was a truly generous gift.