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01-23-2008, 08:16 PM
Hello. I'm new to the forum, although I've frequently visited the site looking for information.

My wife is a diplomat with the U.S. Foreign Service. We currently live in Vietnam, and I have been practicing aikido for three years. I'm extremely passionate about my practice and do not what to give it up when we move to our next post. Right now, we are preparing to bid on a new assignment and while some of our options would obviously be perfect as far as practicing aikido, some are less certain.

I'm wondering if anyone out there has information about aikido and dojos in any of the following locations:

Lagos or Abuja, Nigeria
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Belmopan, Belize
Chennai or Mumbai, India
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Kuwait City, Kuwait
Mbabane, Swaziland
Monrovia, Liberia
Nairobi, Kenya
Riyadh, Saudi Arabi
Sanna, Yemen
Dubai, UAE
Islamabad, Pakistan
Kabul, Afghanistan
Kathmandu, Nepal
Kingston, Jamaica

I know it's a substantial list, but any information that anyone has would be very much appreciated. I would hate getting stuck somewhere for two years with no possibility of training.

If anyone is thinking of coming to Vietnam, please let me know. I'll be here another year, and I've gotten very knowledgeable about dojos in Saigon.