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07-21-2000, 03:23 AM
This thread is a comment to Jun's thread Where are the new people .
Sometimes (read: always) you start a thread named "%thread's name%" to ask/discuss something. But after 2 (sometimes 3) replies, you see the thread goes "a little bit" off-topic.
That's maybe O.K. for you. But "The New People", especially those who are new to the inet or those who use Dial-Up inet connection etc. may think their extra reply would not be appreciated.

07-21-2000, 11:11 AM
It's amazing how many people have 0 posts, ever... more than half of the members are inactive...


Kristina Morris
07-21-2000, 04:49 PM
Maybe the new people don't have the terminology in Aikido to ask a question yet. It took me a while to ask a technical question. I had to figure out what the technique was called, how to spell it correctly and so on, before I would ask a question.
Same thing as requesting a specific technique in class. I certainly didn't want to flub up in front of everyone. It takes awhile before a person gets used to flubbing up in front of everyone. That could be a reason why some people don't post.
Also, I would like to suggest that newer students buy one or two books on Aikido to help get them started in associating technique names.


07-21-2000, 04:55 PM
I know, but the amount of lurkers here astonishes me... no one will laugh at you here, new people (except perhaps me... hee hee hee). Get postin, you got a question about a technique tell us how it works and we can name it, and probably vice versa!

Hope to hear from some of you old new faces...


07-24-2000, 01:57 AM
if newbie who wants to sign in - would have to Post Reply / Start Thread etc., there'd be NO members with 0 posts.

07-24-2000, 03:48 PM
Nick wrote:
It's amazing how many people have 0 posts, ever... more than half of the members are inactive...


But you do get some of us newcomers who just won't shut up!



07-24-2000, 09:30 PM
Like me??

07-26-2000, 10:13 PM
OK OK, You pegged me. I have been a lurker for over a month and finally got around to signing in yesterday. I am a newbie to Aikido and almost as new to the computer age. I just want to say that I really enjoy this site, and end up staying up too late every night reading parts of it. I, as a new student of this art, have many questions, but am amazed at how many have already been asked and answered in privious threads. So for now I will just keep researching the old threads, and try to keep up with the new ones too. Once I have gotten my feet a little wetter you may hear from me again. At least a "0" will not appear on my posts collum.
Domo arigato gozaimashita,

07-26-2000, 11:10 PM
Welcome, Josie!

It looks like the AikiWeb Forums now has a set of "regulars," but I would be very interested (and happy!) to see new people participate.

So don't be shy! If you have questions or comments, please register and join us. No matter your experience level, you're bound to have insights that no one else has.

-- Jun