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12-16-2007, 06:52 PM
AikiWeb Poll for the week of December 16, 2007:

How spiritual is aikido to you?

I don't do aikido
Critically spiritual
Very spiritual
Somewhat spiritual
Not very spiritual
Not at all spiritual

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Will Prusner
12-17-2007, 10:12 AM
I heard once:

"We are either physical beings having a spiritual experience or spiritual beings having a physical experience."

I tend to hold with the latter, hence, I feel that Aikido (and everything else I do throughout the day) is of critical spiritual importance.

I agree with O-Sensei that Aikido is a prayer performed with the body.

12-19-2007, 04:07 PM
Is there something that isn't spiritual?

12-22-2007, 05:33 PM
Very Spiritual to me...I just don't make a big deal about it.
One of the things that bug me is the sometimes over emphasis on spirituality...and not enough emphasis on training the body first.
But what the heck do I know...


12-29-2007, 12:41 PM
Is there something that isn't spiritual?

I think it depends on the person.