View Full Version : Can Aikido Change your?

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11-28-2007, 03:08 PM
I asked that question once a long time ago.

When I first posted here one of the members made a comment that went something like "Just go with the flow and it Will change you"

I have had some rough times in my life as I struggle thru some of my control or stubbornness. I have learned along the way that some people are thicker headed than others (Me being on the thick side).

I would always flash back to the story of "The two Wolves" inside of us struggling to survive.

Well I have found thru Aikido that the Wolf story is repeated yet again thru the teachings of Aikido.

Just in the last 6 months I have change dramatically in my perception of things and have found I can calm down and not run myself ragged trying to prove myself or change those that can't be changed.

I have started to play with some blogging software running on my Sun server at the house and will hopefully find more time to post there on more of my weekly happenings. I named the blog Ippiki Ookami because of my constant flash backs to the Story and my love for the animal and my Huskies. We can all learn a bit from these animals if we just stop and observe with all our senses.


Thanks to all of you that provide incite into the Aikido world thru your writings and support for everyone. In looking thru the pages at akikweb I have found that Lynn Seiser's writings are very though provoking and comforting to hear his perspectives.

Thanks again to all !