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Walter Martindale
11-15-2007, 04:44 PM
Had to do it... :D
Newly minted in January 07 as shodan, still confused, and expect to be confused until the obi gets buried with my ashes..

If we who have the 'coveted' black belt have patience with ourselves and with those who discuss in the "voices of inexperience" thread, perhaps we can learn, or at least be reminded of, some of the frustrations we went through as beginners.
In that thread, one person remarks about how a sensei corrected a pairing on kotegaeshi form, only to have the visiting person continue correcting on his/her form after the sensei's back was turned.

Having recently switched dojos, (tested for shodan in Canada and hopped on a plane to start a new job in New Zealand) I understand both sides of this - and when I end up reverting to what I'm accustomed to, and catch myself, I try to get back to what we were shown by the sensei in the current session - as in - "oops - that's not what we were shown - I have to fix my movements" not - "well, my style is different from sensei's so I'm just going to do my stuff". It's difficult, and requires re-learning some movements, but can, I believe, add to the repertoire more than persisting in doing what you did in your other dojo. I still say "that's different from what I'm used to doing" but I try to learn the differences..

One of my past sensei (and a poster in the VOE) used to tell me he loved teaching beginners because he learns so much from it...

We need to learn from the mudansha who are discussing their confusions in the "VOI" thread - not put them down - as much as we need to learn from the "VOE" threads and the remarks from the senior members of these fora (is that the latin for the plural of forum?)