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10-18-2007, 06:28 AM
Aikido Bridge Friendship Seminar 2007 DVD Review:

Two hours of Aikido instruction, insight, and inspiration, by eight internationally respected teachers, in a spacious and beautiful seminar setting, shot from multiple angles, on one DVD, and for a reasonable price. O’Sensei said we needed to build a golden bridge; perhaps he was talking about the Aikido Bridge Friendship Seminars. Highly recommend. (Bu Jin Design 2007 $35.00)

Lynn Seiser PhD
Sandan Tenshinkai Aikido

10-18-2007, 09:44 AM
I just recently saw Ikeda sensei in Bloomington,IN and purchased this video from him there. I highly recommend it as well.

10-18-2007, 09:58 AM
Hi folks,

I just added the DVD to the DVD reviews section of this site. Please feel encouraged to post your review there as well:



-- Jun