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09-11-2007, 09:49 AM
Hi everyone

thanks for reading.

I run an arts education company that works with the NYC public schools doing performing arts programs (music, theater, dance, yoga and martial arts.)

We have several schools that want martial arts programs ASAP. some are for regular students, and some are for special needs students (autistic, emotionally challenged, other conditions....). All the programs take place at the school during the school day(8:30-3:00) with an occasional after school program (3-5 or 6). Most programs are 1X per week for 6-20 weeks, but one of the schools would like to go !X per wk all until the end of school.

pay is $50 per/class (@50 minutes) and generally there are 3-5 classes per/day

So far, we've kept most of the school programs non-contact (especially for the special need students) so I'm not sure if Aikido is the right art (unless an Aikido person has experience with Sp. Needs children) in this context... (also very few schools have mats. though we could put a class together of tenkan and other exercises, tai no henko, stretching, and suburi without weapons etc..... and some high schools do have mats and I'm working on convincing them about Aikido!!!!)

but if one of you know someone who has experience with kids and might be interested (any style...) in this kind of work please have them contact me ASAP


Toby Kasavan

Daniel Blanco
09-11-2007, 12:11 PM
Hi Toby my name is Danny Blanco 718 694-4264 I train @ Suffolk Aikikai & Aikido Club Of Queens, I currently hold the rank of 1st Q, and going for Shodan in Nov or Dec 07,hopefully.This might help Sensei Dortsch( AK of QNS) is a NYC H.S. teacher & has aikido in his cirriculium now for several years,try giving him a call @ 718-468-4610. I took some of my 1st Aikido classes with you @ (Hanks Judo school), 06 years ago.