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Wissam J. Faraj
08-30-2007, 04:19 PM
IAO workshop in Syria

Dear All..

Iraqi Aikido Organiztion celebrates its second year anniversary in Syria with 4 days seminar (21-24 Aug), this celebrate is taking a place outside Iraq where security and piece are not there anymore.
The seminar is a big gathering for Iraqis and Syrians to practice and to meet in one of the oldest cities of the world a city that used to be one day the center of the Islamic empire and the source of all knowledge and science for the world.
A neighbor country that gives a big welcome to Iraqis who left their homes seeking security and peaceful life.

The seminar is organized by (Wissam Faraj) sensei the president of IAO and the instructor of JARMANA Aikido club in coordinating with Syrian Aikidoka (Ameer Al Rass) from X Aikido Club, a guest Instructor (Atif Amin) sensei 3rd Dan Aikikai the IAO Technical Director who lives in Dubai was invited to give the seminar.

The seminar emphasis on basic techniques and stands, the concept of center in Aikido moreover is to deliver Kyu Grades for candidate students.

Best Regards

Wissam J. Faraj

Wissam J. Faraj
08-31-2007, 08:57 AM
This is some of pictures for that Seminar in Damascus.