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08-24-2007, 11:48 AM
Posted 2007-08-12 19:30:51 by Michael Braden
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Please join for a rare opportunity to train with Robert Nadeau and Richard Moon in Fairfax, CA on Saturday, September 22th.

Robert Nadeau Shihan, a pioneer in investigating the energy aspects of Aikido, received special attention from Aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba. When Nadeau began inquiring about the spiritual and alchemical aspects of the art, he was often invited to a private audience with O Sensei to discuss these esoteric realms. When Nadeau left Japan, O Sensei gave him a scroll that reads “Teach the Aikido that cannot be seen with the human eye.” Nadeau Sensei has carried out that mission for over 40 years and teaches in a manner that develops the human spirit while improving martial capability. Nadeau Sensei is the founder of City Aikido in San Francisco and is a Division Leader of the California Aikido Association.

Richard Moon, Sensei, a student of Robert Nadeau since 1970, applies the principles of Aikido to his daily life as well as to business and executive consulting. Moon Sensei has contributed his unique perspective on Aikido to International Peace and Conflict Resolution efforts. Moon Sensei has a special gift for presenting and personalizing the principles of Aikido to effect significant change in an individual’s perspective and performance in a matter of minutes. On the mat and off Richard lives and breathes his essential truth of Aikido: that it can aid in the betterment of his fellow humans, and that it can fulfill the hope that humankind can become one family. Moon Sensei founded Aikido of Marin in 1977.

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