View Full Version : Seichi Sugano Shihan, 8th Dan in Malaysia, 7/20-7/22

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07-19-2007, 09:03 AM
Posted 2007-07-19 03:14:56 by Ben Tang
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July is a month of sweltering heat in Malaysia. It is a time when haze tends to appear no thanks to the perennial open burning in a neighbouring country and even within our own territory. In contrast, down south in Australia it is winter with freezing temperatures of 5 or less degrees.

Yet, one man has chosen to brave the extremes of climate to travel from Australia to tropical Kuala Lumpur to teach his students. This year would be his 8th trip, not to enjoy the sunny beaches or rest his eyes on the lush green jungles and highlands but to be on the mat, transmitting what he had learned from the Founder.

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08-07-2007, 02:17 AM
I was priviledged to attend this most recent seminar taught by Sugano shihan. I thought that the seminar was well organized by the Malaysian Aikido Association and was happy that the seminar was so well attended. I was impressed by the growth of the organization, enthusiasm and energy displayed by people attending the seminar. Sugano sensei's spirit shows no sign of waning. I look forward to attending another MAA seminar soon. Many thanks to the organizers for their continuing efforts.

08-11-2007, 01:42 AM
Dear Peter,

Thank you for joining the Seminar and the kind words. We are happy to have you too.:)

For your information, the Malaysia Aikido Association will be organizing another Seminar this September 7th to 9th , by none other than Tony Smibert Sensei 6th Dan (the protege of Seiichi Sugano Shihan!). Everyone is welcome; the details are on our website at http://www.aikido-maa.com. Please tell your friends.