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Sheldon Verbeke
11-18-2001, 07:06 PM
Hello everyone, I'm new to the site & I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Sheldon Verbeke & I'm a student at the Sowakan Dojo in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada. We've recently put up a new site and would appreciate any and all feedback in hopes of providing all the information we can.

Monday, Nov. 19/01 Thank you Sarah, I guess it would help if I posted a url


11-20-2001, 08:56 AM
Thank you Sarah, I guess it would help if I posted a url

heh heh, that always happens in the excitement of the moment.

anyway, you should go check the spellings. 1st page, reconciliation. I think there were others, but I can't remember where. Cool picture though... your sensei?

Is it true that your sensei got his 3rd dan from an aikikai instructor? strange.

11-20-2001, 05:38 PM
Originally posted by Abasan
Is it true that your sensei got his 3rd dan from an aikikai instructor? strange.

To Abasan:
Were you confused by the bit where it said he was awarded his Sandan by Chida Sensei, of the honbu dojo in Tokyo? In this case I think the honbu dojo in question isn't the Aikikai, its the Yoshinkan itself, the honbu dojo founded by Gozo Shioda, which is also in Tokyo.

To Sheldon:
Thats a very handsome website, I like it very much. Thanks for posting the URL.

(And since you are new around here, welcome. :))


Sheldon Verbeke
11-20-2001, 07:33 PM
Thank you Sean.. and Abasan for your replies...

You are correct Sean, our reference to the Hombu was intended to mean the Yoshinkan Hombu.
Chida, Tsutomu
Rank: 8th dan, Shihan (Yoshinkan)
Dojo: Aikido Yoshinkan Hombu Dojo
3F Takayama Building
2-28-8 Kami-Ochiai
Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 161

Note: Speeelling corrections are on their way.

11-20-2001, 08:10 PM
Deepsoup, thanks for clearing up that mystery for me. Now I've got a couple of questions myself, heh heh... if you don't mind.

Is it true that Shioda sensei started yoshinkan because he disagreed with osensei on how students train aikido? It is claimed that Shioda sensei believed that most ppl can't really master ki in a reasonable amount of time, thus would be unable to master aikido as advocated by osensei. Consequently, Shioda set out to teach it by basing it more on human physics and place more emphasis on techniques.

second, how does yoshinkan aikido compare with Saito Sensei's method? Although Saito sensei has not renamed his aikido, I think Aikikai does not totally agree with his teaching methods. His style is more direct and triangular, reminiscent of prewar aikido whilst aikikai under both 2nd and 3rd doshu advocate circular movements more. Sorry if this question is so loose.

Sheldon Verbeke
11-21-2001, 12:59 AM
If I may Abasan, I'd like to try & answer one of the questions you've asked.

Soke Gozo Shioda did not disagree with
O Sensei, more so it was a difference in the manner in which he conveyed his aikido. Shioda Sensei believed, and taught, that there are very many elements by which one learns & develops their own aiki. One method Shioda Sensei employed was to develop a formal manner to teach body movement, this is called Kihon Dosa or basic movements. In Kihon Dosa we have six different movements which teach people how to use the body as a unified entity. Ki, in the performance of Aikido techniques, is actually the culmination of several aspects of correct posture, balance, timing, breathing and the use of focused power. In Kihon Dosa we hope to build the foundations of all the above mentioned aspects of body movement and finally to be able to move the whole body as a focused element.
I'm afraid I cannot comment on the second part of your question, I've not yet had enough experience with Aikiki to make that kind of comparison. I do hope that I've shed a little light on the first matter though.

11-21-2001, 02:14 AM
Sheldon, thanks for clarifying that matter.