View Full Version : Rev. K. Barrish--N. Lake Tahoe--Aug 17-19

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Jason House
06-06-2007, 12:48 PM
Konichiwa Minasama, I would like to invite all Aikidoka to Kings Beach CA. August 17 - 19. Rev. Barrish will be visiting from Tsubaki Jinja to teach classes all weekend. Barrish Sensei is head priest of Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America which is a branch Shrine of Tsubaki Jinja in Mie-ken Japan. The past seminars have been absolutely amazing. Morning training will include O Misogi in the lake so please bring Hachimaki and Funedoshi if you have them. I would especially like to invite those who have an interest in Shinto / Misogi principals (even if you don't do Aikido). Barrish Sensei's classes integrate Shinto ideas and Aikido body arts in a seamless way. For more information please E-mail me at matsubadojo@yahoo.com or call 530 546 9388. Jason House