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11-08-2001, 01:58 PM
Very likely this has been discussed before, but I thought I would toss in my "two cents". I am finding that the longer I train in Aikido the more I'm realizing that specific aikido techniques will eventually give way to a formlessness of movement. And as I think on this it also seems to me that, perhaps, every martial art is working toward this end. Ultimately, what one master of one art understands will be essentially the same understanding of a master of a different art. So, I think masters (on the level of O-sensei) of various martial arts may come to resemble each other more than they will differ. I suspect that all streams do empty into the sea in the martial arts realm.

This becomes particularly evident to me during randori training where the principles contained in technique forms must often be applied outside the forms. Rather than a clean, classic iriminage technique for instance, I must sometimes "adapt" this technique and rely more on the principles supporting it than the technique itself. (I'm sure many of you have experienced what I'm talking about). What I have found is that the principles of aikido without the specific form are just as effective in dealing successfully with my opponent.

What have you discovered in this regard?

11-09-2001, 07:37 AM
Yep, absolutely. Its something I'm working on myself at the moment. I think everyone should regularly do 'freestyle' training where they can use any technique and adapt it to the situation (I've also come to realise that pretty m,uch every attack is the same - its the body movement rather than 'attack type' which differs).