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Steve Gegner
05-15-2007, 02:37 PM
I'm Steve Gegner. I began studying Aikido in Massachusetts under Kanai Sensei in the early ‘70's and then moved to California where I studied for a short time with Pranin Sensei… Moved to remote area(s) where there was no Aikido, and lost touch… for over 25 years!

After the new year of 2004, I realized that I wished I had continued with Aikido -- and it may not be too late! I went down to the local dojo, Almost Heaven Tomodachi Dojo in Parkersburg, WV, and talked with John Allen Shihan and Kathy Allen. Began studies and realized I was with a great group of people! John was a student of Karl Geis Hanshi, and teaches a modified Tomiki style, which I enjoy, since it is structured and learnable by one of the senior set. After over 600 hours of class time, I was promoted to Shodan in June of 2006 -- at 65 years of age! And I'm having the time of my life! I look forward to continuing training (3 times per week) well into the future!

James Davis
05-15-2007, 03:48 PM
Welcome aboard, Stephen.:)

05-15-2007, 03:55 PM
Hi Stephen,

Welcome to AikiWeb and thank you for your introduction.

-- Jun

05-16-2007, 04:59 AM
Hello Marietta OH from Marietta GA.
(and from one older guy to another)

05-16-2007, 07:41 PM
Hello Stephen.

I'm just East of you around Clarksburg WV. Glad you found something you liked. Especially in rural WV. :)