View Full Version : Green Day, May 4th in Japan

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05-04-2007, 12:36 AM
Today is Friday, May 4th and a national holiday called the Green Day when we are probably supposed to enjoy seeing green leaves and plants and flowers. There are two small planters put at both sides of the entrance of our dojo and several kinds of flowers, purple,white,yellow and orange, are in bloom. I planted two flowers yesterday, one in one of the planters and the other in another.
There is a cherry tree in front of the main dojo and in every spring a party is held under the cherry blossoms which I haven't participated in yet.
Our dojo is on the first floor of a building and it is rented. There are a few tiny patches of land in front and in the back of the dojo which seem to belong to the owner of the building, and I am wondering if I should plant a cherry seedling somewhere where sunshine comes and where rain falls. Unfortunately the front part is under the eaves and therefore, dry, and the land in the back is in the shade of a building in the south, and therefore cold and little sunshine.
But if it was planted, somehow it could grow bigger in three years and flowers will bloom and would be nice having a cherry-blossom-viewing party, but it could grow further to be a jiant tree like the one in front of the mian dojo. Then the owner would complain and eventually it would be cut. Well, I have to ask Sensei about this.

The Constitution Day was yesterday, and Children's Day falls on Sunday, tomorrow, therefore, Monday is another holiday.
Beautiful day, today here in Tokyo. Warm, and even hot if you walk around. Usually I attend the Saturday keiko, but we don't have keiko tomorrow. I really look forward to Sunday's keiko to get rid of the ill force having accumulated in me for the last few days. I wish I could accumulate only good force even if I don't practice. It is really difficult to be a better self however hard I practice.