View Full Version : Aikido Podcast 2.5 is now up!

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04-20-2007, 05:41 AM
Hello everyone. Weve got a new podcast up. In our first podcast we spoke with Tanaka Sensei (Shihan of the JAA/USA) Tomiki Aikido. We only gave about half of his interview in the first podcast and we wanted everyone to have the opportunity to hear the rest of his comments. He discusses a lot of very interesting subjects in addition to some of his personal philosophy and his personal experiences with Tomiki Sensei.

We are hard at work on our next podcast, but we are always open to other ideas for interviews and shows. If you have someone who you think might be a good fit for our show, please email us! Wed love to hear from many different styles and schools of thought, so please drop us a note.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy this newest interview.

http://www.usaikido.com or find us on Itunes - Power search for Aikido in the podcast area and look for the Aikido - The Way of Harmony Podcast.