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04-06-2007, 11:28 AM
Hello everyone,

We had very good response to our last podcast and we've got another REALLY interesting one. Also, we are now listed in Itunes! So if you have Itunes installed, you can use the power search for Aikido and the Aikido - The Way of Harmony Podcast will be listed there.

If you know that you have itunes installed, you can also just click this link and it should get you there...

You can also find us on Podcast Alley here:

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This month, we interview Sensei Kevin Blok from the Chudokan Aikido Dojo in Canada. It's a fascinating interview that delves into the physical, the mental and the philosophical. Blok Sensei comes from the Yoshinkai Aikido style and received his 1st grade teaching license (the highest level) directly from Gozo Shioda!

Please take a little time to listen if you are inclined. It's a pretty fascinating interview (despite my interviewing skills).

Thanks and I hope to hear some feedback on your thoughts!

Jeff Davidson