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Ari Bolden
04-01-2007, 12:21 PM
Greetings Aiki people:

I am currently looking for techniques to be submitted to my new website www.submissions101.com (www.jiu-jitsu101.com).

The site focuses on jitsu related stuff (submissions, joint locks, throws etc).However, aikido has many cross overs with JJ. Since my background happens to be aikido and aiki jujitsu, I have an affinity to aikidoka.

Looking for some good budo (strong self defense or submission related) to put on the site. I want your video submissions (no pun intended). Please refer to the section about how to submit material.

I'll credit your school, you and the technique of course. The site just launched and is starting to get amazing traffic (Jun, want a banner exchnge?..grin)


Thanks for your time,
Yours in Aiki,
Ari Bolden
Victoria Jujitsu Academy
Submissions 101