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10-16-2001, 12:22 PM
10/16/2001 11:22am [from Janet Rosen (survey@zanshinart.com)]
Website: http://www.zanshinart.com/Aikido

This is the "last call" for dojo to participate in part 1 of the Aikido and Knee Injury Project, focusing on the incidence and demographics of knee injuries in aikido. If you can complete a survey on behalf of your dojo, it would be greatly appreciated. The deadline is October 22nd. So far there are 91 completed responses from dojo large and small; reaching 100 would be wonderful!

It is a survey that can easily be completed on-line in a few short minutes.

To read my full introduction to the Aikido and Knee Injury Project, go
here (http://www.zanshinart.com/Aikido).

To go directly to the on-line survey, go
here (http://www.akiy.com/survey/).
If you prefer to receive a survey by U.S. Mail, please email your name, dojo, and street address information to me at janet@zanshinart.com or write me at 236 W. Portal Ave., #767 San Francisco CA 94127.

Thank you very much
–Janet Rosen