View Full Version : Aunkai Training in Perth, Australia

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03-14-2007, 06:23 AM
Hi people,

I'm throwing a line out to see if there are any folk in Perth Australia who are interested in looking into the Aunkai methods. Ths is the stuff talked about by Rob John, and discussed as background in a number of threads.

I went to visit Aunkai towards the end of last year and found it to be a very rewarding experience. The methods are applicable to pretty much any martial art, in fact at Aunkai in Tokyo there was pretty much a range from MMA practitioners right through to the "for health" people.

I've been messing around with the Aunkai stuff for only a little while now, and I reckon it would be useful with a few more people to bounce ideas (and bodies!) off.

The Aunkai website is here (http://www.aunkai.net/) if you want to check it out. English link is kicking around on the top right.

If you're interested either reply or PM me. :)

Dave Findlay