View Full Version : Ueshiba At Nakano Academy

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09-27-2001, 03:26 PM
Hello, Guys!

Stanley Pranin asked me for some data and I wish to give him the best possible information, so I ask you about this story. If anybody knows something about it (preferably documented, book, magazine, newspaper, etc...), please do tell me.
The story is this :
Ueshiba Sensei was invited to teach the military at Nakano Academy. Some time later, he left and was substituted by Shigeru Egami Sensei, of Shotokai fame.
There are two explanations for Ueshiba leaving Nakano : he felt the militaristic tide was ebbing away and decided to leave or he was dismissed by the military for he didn't change his way of teaching, improper for the military. The second hypothesis is reinforced by the fact that his substitute, Egami Sensei, create a method for teaching the military, a thing O-Sensei didn't.
Can anyone give me further information about that story?