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01-21-2007, 10:19 PM
Memorial Day Weekend Takemusu Aikido Association Gasshuku at Tahoe City, California, May 25 -27, 2007

We are pleased to formally announce the 2007 TAA Memorial Day Weekend Aikido Gasshuku at Lake Tahoe. The weekend event is an Aikido tradition began in 1987 when Senseis Witt, Tatoian, and Goto taught a weekend seminar at the same location that Saito Morihiro Shihan had taught the year before. This year's event will be 18th (almost) annual seminar. It is a weekend full of good keiko, friendship, and enjoyment of the area around beautiful Lake Tahoe, California.

This year's teaching faculty includes Bill Witt Shihan, 7th dan, "who built the bridge to Iwama" and other senior Iwama-Style instructors from the US and Europe including: Shihan ULF EVANAS - 6th Dan Aikikai, 7th dan Iwama Ryu Sensei DENNIS TATOIAN - 6th Dan Sensei HANS GOTO - 6th Dan Sensei Hoa Newens - 6th Dan Sensei Kim Peuser - 6th Dan Sensei Wolfgang Baumgartner - 6th dan Sensei Judith Robinson - 5th dan Sensei Aviv Goldsmith - 5th dan Sensei Douglas Dale - 4th dan Sensei Rosmarie Herzig - 4th dan

Taijutsu and Iwama-Style Bukiwaza will be highlighted and Basics sessions will be included. Event information and registration forms can be viewed at www.gashuku.net Please contact me (aviv at aikidoinn.com) with any questions.

A great seminar if you're curious about Iwama-Style Aikido or seek to deepen your present knowledge.


02-17-2015, 05:40 PM
This has become an annual event and I'm sorry that I've forgotten to update this post.

This year's instructors are Bill Witt Shihan (7th dan); Senseis Hans Goto, Hoa Newens, Bernice Tom, and Kim Peuser (7th dan); Sensei Wolfgang Baumgartner & Aviv Goldsmith (6th dan); Sensei Douglas Dale (5th dan); Senseis Andrea Lembo, Jason Yim, and Rob Okun (4th dan).

More info is at www.gashuku.net

All Aikidoists are welcome.