View Full Version : Quality Gi at a Reasonable Price?

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01-09-2007, 03:30 PM
Hello all,

I just tried to purchase an AG-3 gi from Nine Circles, which would have cost around $90 ($55 for the gi and $35 for shipping) to the U.S. according to their website. I had no problem with this price, it all sounded fine. A couple of days after I made the purchase I got an email from Nine Circles stating that because the gi is heavier than the website pricing had realized, it would cost an extra $40 for shipping and I would have to call the UK and give them my credit card info over the phone to go through with it. This would of course cost a bit more in international call fees to do. I really don't want to pay more for international call fees and shipping than I do for the gi itself.

I looked at Tozando, and I can't get a gi (top and pants) from them for less than around $200 after shipping. That's just the standard gi, not the deluxe.

I guess my question is (beyond my complaining), does anyone know where I can get a gi that is of high end quality for a reasonable price. Up until this point I have only bought a couple of $25 cheap gis and they are beginning to fall apart, so I thought I might actually buy something decent this time around. Thanks for anyone's insight.

Matt Feldmeyer

Nick P.
01-09-2007, 07:15 PM
Bujin designs.
I have had both the 8.5 and 12oz, prefer the heavier one.
Pants; why they do not double-line all the way to the hem is beyond me (at least they did not a few years ago), and of course begin to fail right on the lower seam of the patch where your knee pivots during shikko.
Large jacket was a bit ample on me, Medium a bit snug.
Conclusion (for me): jackets = ok, pants = fail.

Best pants I have ever used. Period. Lined to the hem.
Jackets are just gorgeous and tough - I have 2 - and their new thin jacket is superb.
Conclusion: jackets and pants are a sure-fire thing.

E-Bogu HiDriTex Aikido Uniform Set
Just bought one from them, but have to return it as their size 5 was HUGE on me.
Pants lined to the hem.
Jacket seems nice enough, but am concerned the "blankety soft" cotton might not hold up as well over time.

Hit me up for questions on sizing if you like.

NOTE: I saw a picture somewhere of a shihan wearing a Kendo gi (shorter sleaves, tabs at chest to keep jacket closed); anyone here know for sure that kendo gis are shorter in the sleaves by design for the the wearing of kote? All but my Bujin gis have had to have the sleeves shortened....

raul rodrigo
01-09-2007, 07:19 PM
I get almost all my gis from Tozando and am quite happy with them. Costs me about $100 a piece with shipping. My fifth gi is a double weave from Mizuno, also quite good; but not something I would want to wear during the summer.