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David Humm
09-03-2001, 05:24 AM
Japanese Sword For Sale

Gunto Koshirae

This sword is in excellent condition and has been remounted in to civilian furniture (as pictured). It is 'Shinogi ken' Meaning flat blade sword, it has suffered only minimal surface pitting. There is no rust or discolouration throughout the entire length of the blade, the 'Shaguha' meaning straight hamon still visible along almost 95% of the cutting edge.

The Omote is dated 'Showa Ju Hachi Nen' 1944 and indicated as manufactured in the spring months of that year. It is also stamped on the Ura with the poem 'Buun Cho kyu' meaning "The fortune of battle lives for ever" This sword was issued to a Lieutenant of the Japanese Imperial Army.

In 1990 the blade was refitted in to civilian furntiure supplied by the Japan Centre London as described below :

Tsuka : Light Brown Cotton Ito bound over black Same
Menuki : Dark brass dragon
Fuchi / Kashira : Plain black
Tsuba : Open work depicting a crane in flight
Saya : Plain black lacquer
Maki Ito : Light brown to match tsuka ito

This is an excellent sword for Iai or Kendo Kata. It was part hand forged / part machine made therefore naturally NOT an art piece however, it is a fine example of a functional Shin Gunto that has been used regularly to compliment the study of Aikido.

It was valued by Mr. Harry Long - Trident Arms of Nottingham UK in 1995 at 750.

I am looking sell for 400 (Non negotiable sorry)

Dave Humm
email : dave@aikido-database.co.uk
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