View Full Version : Applying Aikido principles to Spiritual Warfare

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L. Camejo
08-18-2001, 08:30 AM
It's possible that many of you are wondering what this thread is all about.

I'm merely attempting to get some insights into the deeper psycho-spiritual aspects of Aikido.

O-sensei had a saying - If you master the Divine techniques of Aikido, no one will dare to challenge you.

In light of this, and the recent rise in popularity of things like witchcraft and other "metaphysical" concepts, I was wondering if anyone out there had to use their Aikido principles, techniques or mindsets in the situation of a purely psychological or even spiritual attack from someone who has "drifted from the way" or is experimenting with these sorts of metaphysical concepts.

What exactly are these "divine techniques of Aikido?"

This is of course, provided you even believe in the existence of these things to begin with.

Please share any views you may have.

Hope I don't sound like a nut case. :)

Masakatsu Agatsu

mariko nakamura
08-18-2001, 12:16 PM
Hi Larry, nice to meet you.
Im sorry to say I have no idea what O'sensei was talking about.(Do you know that he use to battle withthe Tengu in the woods?) Tengu are spirits that live in the woods and are considered to be divine teachers. Shojo-bo who was the king of the tengu possesed the secrets of the sword, etc.
These are things that normal people dont generally do, right? So,If were all normal people(fairly normal) I dont think we could grasp this meaning of your statement.
However, in our dojo, Aikido has nothing to do with learning how to fight really. Its just a vehicle we use to learn the way of life. People say that its not a religion and I agree with that. But I do have to say that Aikido is spirituality and nothing more. Maybe other people won't agree and I can do nothing about this. Every dojo is different and this is Japan. Here, anything that is budo is spiritual.
So what was the question exactally? Aikido is everything man!! There is nothing that exists that isnt Aikido. So yes! I use my Aikido all day long. Even right now sitting at this computer maintaining my center, breathing correctly, one point one center, musubi!! Masakatsu Agatsu right? Harmonize yourself with the heart of things and find salvation right inside your own body and soul.

"One may move so well that a footprint never shows, speak so well that the tongue never slips, reckon so well that no counter is needed, Seal an entrance so tight,though using no lock, that it cant be opened, Bind a hold so firm, though using no cord, that it cannot be untied.
And these are the traits not only of a sound man, but of many a man thought to be unsound."
Lao Tzu

L. Camejo
08-18-2001, 03:39 PM
Hi Mariko,

I like your response. You've given me a bit to think about.

I have "The Secrets of Aikido" by John Stevens and it tells about Shojo-Bo and the band of Tengu. It is things like this that I am referring to. I believe that O-sensei had this ability to perceive things that the "normal" person were unable to. As far as I've read, great Aikidoka like Rinjiro Shirata were there during these fights with the Tengu and saw nothing.

I think your quote from Lao Tzu clarifies a lot, while raising other questions which I will contemplate on. I too believe that Aikido is everywhere and everything. I often equate the phrase Aiki with the Taoist symbol of the Yin/Yang - Harmony of Energy or Complementary Opposites, which to me defines the basic composition of who we are and the universe itself.

I thank you for your contribution.:)

One question though...

Is what is "normal" defined by us as individuals, defined for us by our society and circumstance or by something else?

And in that case, is "normal" a relative thing based on perception? :D

Masakatsu Agatsu

mariko nakamura
08-19-2001, 08:23 AM
Hey LarryI
Actually my name is Mick. Mariko is my wife. I tried using my name for the user name but the darn thing wouldn't let me.
Thats a really good question. I'm not sure what the answer really is because most of the time I feel my perception of "NORMAL" is completely unrelated to most of the folks I know around here. And I can remember when I was a kid folding the laundry with my moms underwear on my head(I thought it was a really cool ninja mask) she told me to take them off and I said "why?" and she said "Because its not normal"

L. Camejo
08-19-2001, 03:52 PM
Sorry Mick,

I only realised the name after I made the post.

And you're right, I think one of the reasons why Aikido is so great is because "Aiki" means blending (among other things) which also leads to understanding i.e. in the context of understanding the other person's perspective and then harmonising with that other perspective to bring about a peaceful resolution.

Ever realise how most techniques have us facing the same direction as our partner at some point? (Sharing the same point of view perhaps?)

Aiki gives us the tool to realise that "normal" can be "anything" depending on one's perception. As such, through this "blending" we are able to harmonise with any sort of situation, aggression or character that we may meet in the real world, even though their concept of "normal" may be alien to ours.

"If your heart is large enough to encompass your enemy, you can see right through his attack." O-Sensei, Morihei Ueshiba.

Regards to you