View Full Version : Looking for new dojo in Toronto

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08-17-2001, 12:17 PM
Hey there everyone. I'll be moving back to Toronto in September. I started aikido training here in Thunder Bay several months ago and I plan to continue when I move. A little overwhelmed by my choices though.

If anyone has any suggestions for me while I continue looking into all of the schools I'd appreciate it. If you're from the area, I'd love to hear about your dojo and any thoughts you may have.

My foremost concern is schedule (the more classes the better, I have to work my training into my work schedule).

Attending a school associated with the Aikikai has been on my mind. It seems to make things easier when and if I move again. But on the other hand, I'm open to other possibilities. There's at least one Yoshinkan dojo in T.O.(and I know little about Yoshinkan), and my sensei here in T.Bay mixed in other styles in his classes, and I really enjoyed that.

On a side note, I plan to study other martial arts in the future. I like the idea of the variety of style. Is/are there any reason(s) why I should NOT also start training in another style of martial art(i.e. Kung Fu, Karate etc.)? (I've studied karate to yellow belt in highschool and have reached yellow in aikido here)


08-19-2001, 08:21 PM
There is a serious concentration of top level Yoshinkan in the Toronto area. Kimeda, 8th Dan and some of his students.