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08-09-2006, 09:22 AM
"Are aiki styles that employ Aiki-taiso exercises usually off-shoots of Ki Society schools and generally known as "softer" styles? Can I get some input from those who have studied hard styles like Yoshinkan and softer "ki' styles? And are styles that still use Aiki-taiso considered more sophisticated, intricate and higher up on the evolution scale? And more importantly are they as street effective as the "yank and crank" harder styles? "

I took this quote from a thread some place, and found it really interesting. I cant comment on the yoshinkan aikido but I will say my sensei broke away from ki no kenkyukai many years ago, and formed his own studentbase into what he calls simply "aikido" we employ Aiki-taiso but I was blown out today when we were doing the yonkyo drill, irimi, tenkan same old, then I asked sensei if he went for the leg type yonkyo at any stage, without a flinch he requested me to pin him on the wall in a lapel type grab ,he then dropped to the floor and planted a flat kick to my inner shin (leg type yonkyo) it was super painful, I really liked it in an aikido explorer kind of way. I was speachless. So I guess what I am trying to say is Ki Aikido aint that soft sometimes depends who you train with.

Opinions on Aiki-taiso please, in my opinion they reflect the principles (thats all). All important principles.

08-09-2006, 09:56 AM
Well, in Ki Society we refer to them as hitori-waza, or one person exercises.

Practicing them does not guarentee a 'soft' technique (what the heck is that anyway :rolleyes: ). However, it does give you a chance for solo practice, when not in the dojo, and to work on the most basic of movements.Opinions on Aiki-taiso please, in my opinion they reflect the principles (thats all). All important principles. Well, as we practice them, they don't just reflect the principles, they act as building blocks to understanding all of the techniques.

- Adam