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08-06-2006, 06:11 PM
So I recently left home for (another) road trip, and as I had done many times before, I called the local sheriff's department to put my house on the watch list. But this time the deputy asked me something he had never asked before:

"Want to give me your cell phone number so I can call you in case something happens to your property?"

Putting aside the fact that cell phones don't work at the place I'd be staying at -- yes, there are still places like that -- I never give ANYONE my cell phone number. My mother and I first got cell phones in 1995 for emergency use only, and then it was after I was stuck in traffic on the way home one night and she didn't know where I was. I told the cop I didn't give out the number.

"You won't give me your cell number?" he asked. "Well, then how am I supposed to reach you?"

"Call my home phone number," I replied. "It'll go to voice mail, which is not in my house." (Admittedly, I embraced voice mail only last year, and then because I was jealous of people who had it, so I gave up the answering machine I had used since 1992.) The cop grunted as if I'd spoken in Urdu.

The whole exchange has left me bothered. It's more than obvious that I am behind the times. People have cell phones on them all the time and use them all the time. Some people just have cells and no land lines into their houses. I find the people who have the ear pieces somewhat unnerving. The first time I saw one, I expected the guy to turn to me and say, "We are the Borg. Resistance is futile." In all honesty, how many people receive calls that are so mind-numbingly urgent that you can't even put the phone down, ever, and absolutelly have to be able to punch a button and say, "Go!"

What, in fact, happened to the days when there wasn't a phone call that couldn't wait until you got back to your home or office and checked your voice mail? But maybe that thinking is so last century, marking me as a throwback to the wnaing days of the 20th century.

I've hung with people who's phones ring .... "off the hook" would be redundant, but they do ring constantly, and wonder if there might someday be a rebellion against them. But maybe that's wishful thinking on my part. I hope I'm not the only one. Not the only one who's cell phone sits in his car, rarely used; and who give out his home phone number (who still has one! ) and is content to let calls go to voice mail. But even if there are other like me, the thought that are numbers are dwindling is disenheartening. I think I know what the Neanderthals felt, as their number dwindled and more and more modern humans were around.

So this is what extinction feels like? Depressing, but otherwise not half bad.

08-06-2006, 06:51 PM
How many people are receiving messages that really cannot wait until the post arrives the next day? Why this constant use of email?

Yes you are behind the times.
Yes resistance is futile :-)

08-07-2006, 05:05 AM
It's fun, when you overhear somebody having a loud conversation on their cell phone, to take part in the discussion. Offer relationship or business advice. Try a little wit, maybe suggest a restaurant where the two could meet for dinner...

Hey, if they want to share their conversation, you can share yours, right?


08-07-2006, 10:26 AM
How many people are receiving messages that really cannot wait until the post arrives the next day? Why this constant use of email?

Yes you are behind the times.
Yes resistance is futile :-)

On the other hand, unless the server crashes, the e-mail will be there for a while. So my habit has been to send and receive e-mail just once a day; anything that arrives in the interval will be waiting for you. So it splits the difference between phone calls and snail mail.

Yeah, resistance is futile, but that doesn't mean I can't go kicking and screaming. :D

08-07-2006, 04:23 PM
I love my Borg Implant! I can now walk down the street talking to myself and nobody will lock me up for it as long as I have the Blue Light in my ear!

08-13-2006, 06:28 PM
I just told a guy at the internet cafe I'm in now how I never give out my cell phone number, and all calls go into the land line to my house, and he said, "You are smarter than the average bear, sir." Vindicated at last!

Neil Mick
08-14-2006, 06:24 AM
I don't even HAVE a cell-phone...

08-14-2006, 07:06 AM
I dont have a land line, the cell phone is easyer for me, I am rarely home, when I first got it I was delivering pizzas and a cell phone is a must for doing that at least in this day and age, but I really dont see the need for a land line

Mark Uttech
08-14-2006, 07:16 AM
I don't even HAVE a cell-phone...

Cell-phones are like snowmobiles. Snowmobiles are useful for getting to snowy regions for emergency purposes where other vehicles can't go. Cell phones have their great use in places like Israel, where parents make sure their children have one when they leave the home and take public transportation. You may have been proud at one time that you did not have a computer, or access to one. I am not mentioning these things to put you down for your comment, by the way; I am mentioning this because "change is"
and we do well to abide by change.

In gassho,

08-14-2006, 09:45 AM
In regards to the usefulness of cellphones. It is an excellent idea to keep the cellphone charger by your bedside. When you go to sleep you can plug in your phone to be recharged and when you wake up it is ready to go, but more important if an emergency happens your cellphone is nearby. Sometimes your landline could not be working. So even if you have a security system that dials the police. If something happens at night don't rely on your landline, pick up the cell and call for help.

08-14-2006, 10:23 AM
I don't even HAVE a cell-phone...

Wow, I havne't seen one of them in a LOOOONNNGGGGGG time. :D

08-14-2006, 10:27 AM
I dont have a land line ....

There are plenty of people like you, but it's a mistake to think everyone is. IIRC, Verizon was criticized a while back for emphasizing it's wireless business at the expense of land line.