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phil farmer
08-06-2006, 05:06 PM
Greetings to all,

It is my privilege to announce that a world stage (seminar) will be held February 2-5 in Daytona Beach, Florida. Shihan Hiroo Mochizuki will teach the seminar with the assistance of other international instructors including Dr. Glenn Pack, Hanshi, U.S. Technical Director and Patricia Saiz, 5th Dan, international instructor of Yoseikan Budo.

The seminar is open to all martial artists for participation or as spectators. More information about cost and actual hours of the seminar will be made available as they become known. There will be at least three hours of workout time open for the general martial arts group each day with additional time for Yoseikan Budo members only each day.

Make plans now to attend this very special seminar.

Dr. Phil Farmer
President United States Yoseikan Budo Association