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08-05-2006, 03:14 PM
Posted 2006-08-04 19:54:15 by Matthew Handler
News URL: http://www.aaa-aikido.com/seminars/2006/2006%20ryoshinkan%20camp%20september.pdf

Aikido Association of America Presents

September 8-10.

Tomasz Krzyzanowski Sensei.

Hosted by
Ryoshinkan Dojo
2019 N. Rand Rd.
Palatine, IL 60074

Krzyzanowski Sensei was a direct student of Aikido Association of America founder Fumio Toyoda Shihan for many years. He has been training in Aikido for over 20 years, and is the head of the Aikido Association of America's affiliated dojos in Poland. He will be accompanied by dojocho from around Poland. The seminar is open to students of any rank or martial art. For more information contact the Aikido Association of America at aikidoamer@gmail.com or 773.525.3141. Our website is www.aaa-aikido.com.

The complete flier for the seminar can be found here: http://www.aaa-aikido.com/Seminars/2006/2006%20Ryoshinkan%20Camp%20September.pdf.

Thank you!

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