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08-12-2001, 04:51 PM
I just thought that we need a new thred in the chit chat section so... well lets see how does everybody like this year 2001?? is anyone happy or sad is a great year so far? wish we had our hovering toilets or flying cars. what did you expect?? anything you want to say about this year so far... just for the sake of veriety.

08-13-2001, 04:02 AM
Hi Dallas! I'll take you up on this one....

Good year: My wife and I got a new daughter (our second)
Bad year: I've got a hard time ajusting to not sleeping enough :o.
Good year: Nice co-workers at job.
Bad year: generally a bad year for the IT-industry around here. First layoffs for years where I work, and that creates a bad atmosphere around the office. Even the outlooks for the future are not to good :(.
Good year: Great seminar with Nishio Sensei during easter, and I actually keep up practicing - oh and I got a new Gi that looks much better than the old one.
Bad year: I never get to practice as much as I want to, and I still can't afford to go to Japan.
Good year: Kyoto-agreement partially accepted.
Bad year: Bush is president and messes up relatively good US-relations towards Europe.
Good year: Mannaged to finish an assignment for my Masters degree.
Bad year: Can't find the time to do the two remaining major assignments and will have to concidere never graduating....
Best wishes for a GOOD YEAR to everybody (and not a TIRE-some year (joke - bad one - I know!!! ;))).