View Full Version : Another Option for Broken Weapons

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Steve Morabito
08-02-2006, 12:20 PM
Throughout practice, our bokken, jo, and other weapons crack, splinter, or break. Some of these broken weapons were very special to us. Most of the time we either keep them around for sentiment, or make the broken pieces into something less desirable, such as a tanto or short hanbo. I'd like to offer another option for the broken weapons. I am able to make a variety of fine writing instruments from wood scraps as small as X X 5 inches, using a wood lathe. I think folks might appreciate a beautiful and useable object such as a pen, pencil, or stylus made from the wood that was once an implement of aikido practice. Although handmade wood pens and pencils generally sell for $25 to $100, I'd like to explore the level of interest here, and need a couple of people to pilot this project with me at no cost.
If you are interested in me making a pen or pencil from your broken weapon, contact me through email. For the first couple of people that respond, I will make you one for free, provided that you agree to give me feedback on the product and the process. This will simply amount to a couple of emails and/or phone calls. This will help me figure out if this is something I want to market more formally, and how I might do that.
Please feel free to post or email me if you have questions.