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08-07-2001, 04:51 PM
I am pleased to say that we have recently put up our Aikido website. The address is:


It is not all there yet we are hoping to build much more onto it and over time hopfully it will become a good website. Feedback is very welcome on how to improve the site.

Have a look and tell me what you think.


08-08-2001, 04:20 AM
Welcome to the net!

Nice site - especially the class-picture. You look like a great bunch of people.
I kind of miss a little information about style, affilliation and lineage, and it would be great to know a little more about the background of your Sensei. Pretty much the same thing that is missing on the homepage of my dojo.....

Actually I'm interested in hearing about your friday-saturday and sunday practices. In our dojo these are days where it is rather difficult to get people down to the dojo. Perhaps because there are a lot of students in the dojo that often travel to visit their parents during weekends (or go out partying :)), perhaps because some of us have families that require (demand!) our precense during weekends.....

Keep up the effort - it's allways nice to see more Aikido-related pages.

08-09-2001, 04:50 PM
Hey thanks for you reply. We have recently added some move videos, not all of them work so you will have to stick with us but they are coming along. There is also a guestbook which could do with a few signatures if anybody has a look.

We are still trying to do everything we want to but it is finding the free time to do it.

But I have to end now so hope you like the site


08-13-2001, 12:05 PM
we have not put some move videos on, all the videos in strikes "should" work. hpe you enjoy viewing them.

Keep checking back to the site because we are constantly updateing it.

Please feel free to leave some feedback on the site, and any ideas for improvment.


08-13-2001, 12:53 PM
Hi Jeremy.

It's really slow. I have a pretty fast connection (cable modem) and still...it's

r..........e...........a.........l..........l..........y..................s..... .......l..........o............w.

That home page should load almost instantly.

Cool! I broke Jun's web-site with a big word.

10-06-2001, 06:25 PM
It has been a while since I last posted about our Aikido website, but there is now more videos, (more guestbook signatures would be nice ppl).

We have put on an endless technique, it plays and then repeats and you will notice that the end and start postions are excatly the same.

We have not got the software to edite the video so it is not "seamless" in the editing.

It is worth a look.

Hope to hear you comments about the site.



10-07-2001, 01:16 PM
Originally posted by Jem8472
...We have recently added some move videos, not all of them work so you will have to stick with us but they are coming along....


It's OK, hardly any of my moves work, either. :D

10-08-2001, 04:18 PM
Well we are always trying our best to keep the website running smooth.

But it would be nice to get some more signatures in our guestbook.

If you find any problems on the site let me know and I will try to put them right.

Enjoy looking around.



10-24-2001, 02:49 AM
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11-28-2001, 03:24 PM
Hello again all.

We have updated our website with new photos.

Some of them are not brilliant, due to lighting. but if you would like bigger versions you can e-mail. Jeffers200@yahoo.com

See you all later

Don't forget to sign the guest books