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Janet Rosen
07-17-2006, 06:05 PM
Hi, there.
I’m excited to announce that my sewing student has joined me in a new business, designing and making custom surfboard bags. The site should be up and running within a few days at http://www.zsurfbags.com

To celebrate, and to hopefully generate some new business for Zanshin Art as well, I’m announcing a sale on all my handmade aikido gear (bags and baby gi) between now and August 31st:
• Any order over $40, take 10% off the price.
• Any order over $80, take 10% off the price, plus I’ll pay the first $7 shipping.

To claim this for yourself, or pass it along to a dojomate, check out the weapons bags and baby gi pages at http://www.zanshinart.com then email me your inquiry for an aikido bag or a baby gi and mention promo code “aikiweb.”