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Just Jamey
07-10-2006, 12:51 PM
For those that do not know, the Open Directory Project (dmoz.org) is an online directory that is edited by real people such as myself. The Google Directory is updated based on the ODP and other sites /search engines use it as a resource.

Biggest complaints I have found out there about the ODP are slow to add new sites and favoritism shown by editors. The slow updating is because there are so few editors. The favoritism can be eliminated by people willing to be impartial (I think many people here can be intellectually honest and impartial). I figured this forum is one place to come to fix both problems!

Editing can be fun, it doesn't take a lot of time to handle one category and you get to give something back to the internet community in an area of interest to you.

1. Go to dmoz.org (http://dmoz.org) and read the About DMOZ to see if you would be up for it.

2. Find a category that interests you (doesn't have to be Aikido). Start with a small one.

3. Look at the bottom to see if there is an editor for that category.

4. If not, volunteer to edit it.

When you are starting out a senior editor reviews your work and should provide you with suggestions on how to stay true to editing guidelines.