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07-30-2001, 08:31 PM
Hi folks,

Just wanted to send out a note from the Summer Camp in the Rockies (http://www.boulder.asu.org/seminars/2001/sc2001.html) where I'm spending the week training and having fun. The teachers here this year are Mitsugi Saotome sensei (8th dan, ASU (http://www.asu.org)), Hiroshi Ikeda sensei (7th dan, Boulder Aikikai (http://www.boulderaikikai.org)), Frank Doran sensei (7th dan, Aikido West (http://www.aikido-west.org)) and Hans Goto sensei (6th dan, Bay Marin Aikido (http://www.sanquandao.com/baymarin.html)).

The training so far has been great and the weather has been holding up for the outdoors weapons classes. I was priviledged enough to take some ukemi, probably about fifty throws from ryokatadori, from Saotome sensei after the last class tonight which was totally amazing and wonderful.

A bunch of people are heading out to the hot springs tonight, but I'm staying here to show a video of Kyuzo Mifune sensei (10th dan, judo).

Hope people are having a good time wherever they are!

-- Jun