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Lone Shinobi
05-25-2006, 10:44 AM
Hello new friends and fellow martial artist.My name is Derrick,though you will know me as Lone Shinobi. I was trained in shotokan Karate under my father when I was a child and was trained in Bujinkan Taijutsu(Ninjutsu) under my Shidoshi when I was in middleschool as a teen about a decade ago. However,with some paranoia and natural fear for the martial arts. My principle forced us to close down our small Dojo and we all separated. It hurt alot because we were like one big family and we enjoyed the martial arts as awhole. We trained to better the lives of ourselves and to better the lives of others around us.

I have no experience in Aikido seeing that there is no Aikido Dojos in my town of Macon GA. It is depressing that no one wishes to teach in my town.The one Dojo or club that was in my town is no longer at Mercer Unniversity. I found out the lack of interest in opening a school after reading a post here in this very site so I decided to join this site for three reasons.One is to find a teacher interested here in teaching in my town and to get to know some fellow martial artist and to make new friends.

I am also here to point out that there are plenty of those in Macon interested in Aikido. Certain teachers are without knowing it, denying people the oppurtunity to learn and to accomplish their dreams by not looking hard enough. :(

I am a tradictionalist in terms of the martial arts and I am also a follower of Zen/Chan Buddhism.As for me....I am gental and kind by nature.I consider everyone my equal.It does not matter if they follow a different faith,are of a different race,gender or background.Friendship knows no image or bounds. :D

Lone Shinobi
05-25-2006, 11:25 AM
Oh..and feel free to post back to me.I am always happy to respond to any comments that you may have.Any advice,help or thoughts are always welcomed. :cool:

05-25-2006, 11:47 AM
Hi Derrick,

Welcome to AikiWeb.

-- Jun

Eric Webber
05-25-2006, 02:22 PM
Hi Derrick, welcome to aikiweb. I would recommend getting your car gassed up and making some road trips to find a teacher. A good teacher is always worth the travel.