View Full Version : Magnetizing Foil?

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05-09-2006, 01:09 PM
Hi people,

first of all thanks for all your responses on last thread.

I wonder if you can now help me with another problem, this time not a mental challenge or some puzzle.

I would like to know how to magnetize something - tin foil in particular. The reason being that someone close to me is starting to suffer with arthritis in their hands, and I had seen somewhere once that magnetized foil placed over the affected area can be pretty affective in reducing pain.

Now I know that messing with electricity and such can be dangerous, so has anyone got any advice on how to go about this safely or even direct me in the right direction.

Thanks again everyone.

Mark Freeman
05-09-2006, 05:21 PM
I would like to know how to magnetize something - tin foil in particular.

Magnets? Tin foil is mostly aluminium which if I'm not mistaken doesn't magnetise.

If I were to offer any helpful suggestion it would be to research much more the efficacy of 'alternative' cures. There are many claims made particularly for products that are sold to those desperate for relief.
I think I'd steer clear of electric currents, not that they are dangerous, but that they need a constant power supply, which depending on the source used could be quite wastefull.
There may well be diet, lifestyle choices that would be more helpful.
So research, and intelligent scepticism for some of the 'amazing' cures available at a cost.

p.s. I had what I thought was mild arthritis in some of my finger joints when I started aikido, at first it was so painfull I thought I might have to stop. I persevered, it got better :)