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  1. Selfish people in the dojo
  2. Test Grading, Curriculum, & Frustration
  3. Etiquette for chosing between two dojos
  4. ADHD and methods of training mental state
  5. Being held back...
  6. People who are never uke
  7. Aikikai headquarters, tattoos and etiquette
  8. Post Seminar Blues
  9. Dojo Jerk
  10. My sensei bullies me
  11. Shunning
  12. Aikido from a street cops's perspective
  13. Sensei getting a promotion, how to congratulate?
  14. Cohort Setting off Alarm Bells
  15. Always injured
  16. Instructor Code of Ethics
  17. Dojo split, how do you know which side to take?
  18. Injuries in aikido
  19. Moral and Ethical issue (warning topic on intimate violence)
  20. Ex partners and response by the dojo
  21. Violence against "overly resistive" uke
  22. Testing after Shodan
  23. How did this happen? (Aikido broke my heart)
  24. Indecisive Neglect
  25. Alcohol smell from weapons instructor
  26. Aikido Has Been Taken From Me.
  27. Obsession, healthy or unhealthy?