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  1. Training Frequency
  2. Differences between female & male practitioners
  3. What is a great framework for learning (Aikido) ?
  4. Re: It Had to Be Felt #7: Yamaguchi Seigo: Suburi with People
  5. Heart leads mind, mind leads qi, qi leads strength
  6. Stretching
  7. A solo training method of Ueshiba Morihei
  8. Happy Birthday Shuurin
  9. Should obese aikidoka do break falls?
  10. Footwear on the mat
  11. Aikido App
  12. Aikido for horsemen
  13. Re: It Had To Be Felt #14: Nishio Shoji: White Gold
  14. Re: It Had to Be Felt #11 - Abbe Kenshiro: "Trying to Catch the Wind"
  15. Looking for Aiki resources in Houston, TX
  16. Tomiki Aikido?
  17. Breath and Kokyu
  18. YouTube: Tomiki Aikido training system demo
  19. Begining training in Aikido
  20. to cross train or not to cross train?
  21. Nice instruction video: Morito Suganuma sensei
  22. Should I Re-Start Aikido?
  23. Re: It Had To Be Felt #23: Imaizumi Shizuo: "True Aiki"
  24. Vetting Our Skills
  25. Re: It Had To Be Felt #21: Shibata Ichiro: A Lean and Hungry Look
  26. A word on Time Trained and Ranking
  27. Training in Japan
  28. Re: It Had to Be Felt #24: Chiba Kazuo: "There We Were, Two Handsome Young Men"
  29. Aikido Dojo in Lisbon Portugal
  30. ki testing...emphasis on both uke and nage getting stronger
  31. training as we get older
  32. The next step in a long journey
  33. Co-ordination of Mind, and Body
  34. Aikido dojo in Hong Kong
  35. Bokken Sparring- Chushin Tani Aikidojo
  36. something i've learned about training
  37. Kyokushin + Aikido
  38. talking and listening
  39. Ki and power and cooperation
  40. Tight shoulders
  41. ethical?
  42. Ji ben qi gong
  43. flow, or technique
  44. Weekend practise in Karuizawa
  45. Dealing with sudden fear
  46. Crossing the Floating Bridge of Heaven
  47. Aikido "Sonno Joi"
  48. VoE: AWASE - The Principle of AIKI
  49. Too Busy Too Far
  50. Local Aiki Training?
  51. How small is your aikido
  52. Ju-Jitsu to compliment Aikido
  53. Difficult uke or bad technique?
  54. Aikido and sparring: how to?
  55. Good dojo in Melbourne?
  56. Sensing energy from far away: is this achievable or BS?
  57. Body Type
  58. Ukemi: pluses and minuses
  59. reverse breathing
  60. Level Setting
  61. Posture in Iwama Aikido
  62. atemi at end of technique
  63. Tennis Elbow
  64. unusual seiza problem - pain in BACK of knee
  65. "natural" or "evolutionary movement"
  66. Re: It Had to Be Felt #34: Suganuma Morito: The Calligrapher
  67. "solo" training?
  68. Moving to Aikido
  69. Chronic Joint/Tendon Damage
  70. Re: It Had to Be Felt #33: Alan Ruddock: I Don't Know What It Was, but He Had It
  71. relaxing during technique - how?
  72. Re: It Had to Be Felt #37: Dennis Hooker: This Has Never Happened Before. This Will Never Happen Aga
  73. Ankle problem
  74. Responsibilities of Advanced Training
  75. Static Stretching...
  76. Falling technics videos
  77. Take your partners' place
  78. Wanting to start aikido training
  79. The Role of Uke in Aikido Training
  80. West Coast Aiki Bike Trip
  81. Re: It Had to Be Felt #41: Shirata Rinjiro: "Your Aikido Techniques Must Become Majestic"
  82. Aikido's Attacks -- Reality and Effectiveness
  83. Practicing Ki is dangerous?!
  84. Private Aikido Teacher in Washington DC Area Wanted
  85. Aikido Focused on Seniors
  86. dealing with uke from hell
  87. Your Current Aikido Practice in One Word
  88. Looking for Dojo (Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia)
  89. How to be uke/ukemi extensive
  90. Aikido After Hip Replacement
  91. "Aikido is BS"
  92. How to deal with aggressive, non-compliant attackers? And discussion on atemi.
  93. Training One Thing At A Time
  94. Lower back pain after training
  95. How to deal with irritating partner?
  96. Knock out game? training
  97. Which Style?
  98. The uke/nage paradigm
  99. Tips to increase energy and endurance?
  100. An Experiment in Assessing my ukemi
  101. Shoulder Injury/ Painful arc syndrome
  102. Re: It Had to Be Felt #46: Kinoshita Takehisa: Edge of the Cliff
  103. Aikido as an actual Martial Art
  104. What makes a good uke?
  105. Improv, Aikido, and Psychotherapy
  106. What does being an Uke mean to you?
  107. 21 Years - A Personal Journey
  108. Attitude is your Aptitude.
  109. Strengthening Neck after injury
  110. “take the strength out of your shoulders.”
  111. Yakusoku
  112. Adapted Training
  113. Tomiki Aikido - Creative Randori
  114. Seemingly Aikido
  115. Biomechanics in Teaching Aikido
  116. Iyonoma Ryu Aikido in Kyoto, Japan
  117. correct way to yokomen-uchi and atemi?
  118. anyone training with a c-spine injury?
  119. Tips for Training at home?
  120. Weapons training
  121. inner spirals
  122. Lateral Training
  123. Dojo Recommendations in Nevada?
  124. Training Thoughts?
  125. Resistant Knife Training 1 (video)
  126. "Great Purge of 2014" in Australia?
  127. Aikido Teachers
  128. Tight Shoulders (the anti aiki)
  129. Verbal Aikido (Defense and Descalation)
  130. How to practice Atemi
  131. Tips for sitting seiza?
  132. Aikido Uchi Deshi by Empty Mind Films
  133. Name of the training and the purpose?
  134. Outdoor Aikido - Ann Arbor/Ypsi area
  135. You are giving me the wrong energy...WTF
  136. Aikido Study for PhD
  137. starting iwama ryu
  138. Thinking twice about iwama ryu
  139. aikido = self-defense??? or self-defense = aikido???
  140. steven seagals aikido style?
  141. New member, question about Ukemi
  142. Aikido blog to keep me motivated
  143. Structure. Leading. Atemi
  144. Sharing my own Aikido experience (Newbie here)!
  145. Starting Training at 45
  146. Looking for a Yoshinkan Dojo??
  147. Hardly any weapons training
  148. Suggestions for dojo or seminar in Madrid or Dublin?
  149. Rheumatoid arthritis and aikido...
  150. Resistance as a learning tool?
  151. Ideal thickness of the mats you're training on.
  152. At what belt did your sensei teach you how to.
  153. Don't think I can ever do a proper roll
  154. Aikido sparing
  155. Body conditioning for Aikido
  156. Aikido and Health
  157. Aiki Taiso
  158. Aikido at Work
  159. Prep for suwari waza?
  160. Physical vs mental preparation in Aikido
  161. Moving up to the Mixed
  162. new member in 98501
  163. Sensitivity, reflex and reactionary time in Aikido training.
  164. Complementary Aikido Styles
  165. Back into Aikido and injuried, advice?
  166. Help for the connection between the centers of the uke and nage
  167. Ankylosing Spondylits and Aikido
  168. Starting yoshinkan aikido
  169. Coming back after burnout
  170. Misogi and 1000 Cuts
  171. Is tumbling fairly safe for overweight beginners
  172. What is this rowing technique?
  173. Handicapped new student
  174. I broke a toe.
  175. Kata-Dori Ude Osae Ura (Ikajo)
  176. Nishi health system
  177. Stress testing knives
  178. Aikido is effective self-defense
  179. Nice pressure training by Lenny Sly
  180. Drills or exercises for speed?
  181. Imitating Motion with Incorrect Movement
  182. Direction for Projecting Energy
  183. Athletics in aikido
  184. Makkou Hou / Makko Ho
  185. Aiki Shrine Celebration & Pandemic
  186. Funakogi / Torifune Sound Order
  187. Against one hour classes