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  1. Knife throwing ukemi.
  2. Relative rank and learning more
  3. "No feeling"
  4. Just Arrived - Evansville IN
  5. Third Point and Separating Triangles
  6. Aikido and pregnancy
  7. Ellis' post about cover-up and Ueshiba
  8. How to Stay Active When Abroad for a Month?
  9. Solo Training
  10. Training when you can't train (injured newbie)?
  11. Thoughts on Creating a Training Mat?
  12. Bowing on and off
  13. Differences Between Yoshinkan and Birankai
  14. Need Help Mentally Focusing on Lessons
  15. Best karate style for aikido?
  16. Aikido in the UFC
  17. Finally
  18. Saotome Sensei Internal Power Training Exercise
  19. Becoming a living katana
  20. Extension of Energy -- How?
  21. Extension of energy/Bruce Lee's water theory
  22. Kiai -- Precision & Abandon
  23. 5th Kyu Shihan
  24. New Article Uploaded on Ellis Amdur's "Vectors in Aikido"
  25. Hakama drama
  26. Reading "Ki" or Psyche out ?!?!
  27. Aikido 101
  28. Flexibility
  29. Sempai/Kohai Relationship in Aikido
  30. Feed and drink intake before training
  31. Forward rolls (or lack thereof)
  32. Sidelined-Again
  33. Greetings to all, I am looking for Bob Fulton.
  34. Yoseikan Aikido and Aunkai
  35. Anybody worked with dance teacher Steve Paxton?
  36. Tenshin, Tenkai??
  37. setteling into pins. stretching exercise help
  38. Kokyu development for Aiki in Aikido
  39. Inefficiencies in the Aikido Training Method
  40. In the moment....transitioning into another technique
  41. Right Wrist/Shoulder question
  42. 9 forms of kokyu sore
  43. "In Our Aikido Training, We Should Study Survival Techniques"
  44. How do you get to Carnegie Hall?
  45. Cross Training with Systema
  46. Affordable Aikido in Mandaluyong?
  47. Aikido Warm Up Exercises
  48. Cooling down
  49. Training Alone
  50. Shoulder Pain
  51. Searching for a Dojo... Arcata, CA
  52. Why do we use so much grappling in Aikido?
  53. Aikido Solo Practice
  54. Feeling good after training
  55. Starting to burn......out! I hope not
  56. Bizarre Training experience
  57. Enemies and Friends -- Applying "True Budo is Love."
  58. Does the hakama help your training?
  59. Dojos in Beijing, China?
  60. Does Atemi have to work
  61. Tanden Usage in Aikido - re Tetsutaka Sugawara
  62. YouTube: Push Test to Nikkyo
  63. Bokken handling
  64. What's your daily practice?
  65. Training for a physical confrontation
  66. Sugawara Sensei and Internal Strength
  67. Cure for bad knees??
  68. Ankle Pain in Seiza
  69. training + instinct = trance
  70. Meditation
  71. gi or no gi?
  72. How much do you train??
  73. Group by attack or throw or neither?
  74. Office Aikido
  75. Tanden Rotation
  76. Any suggested training dvd's for a beginner?
  77. Traditional vs Non Traditional training...questions
  78. The Problem with Being a Big Guy
  79. Michigan, south of Jackson (Hillsdale/Lenawee/Jackson county lines)
  80. Where Did Ueshiba Morihei's Training Go?
  81. Confused... Uke Ready to Jump?
  82. Bozeman MT Training
  83. softening exercises for uke
  84. Want to Observe and Learn Aikido
  85. Jamming a technique
  86. Hard to Stay in Seiza
  87. suwaru waza
  88. Expereince of Getting Black Belt?
  89. Crosstraining Aikidoka: A Survey
  90. Honbu
  91. Being your own teacher
  92. Why do you train in aikido
  93. Martial, spiritual, and jujutsu (split off from Funakogi Thread)
  94. Ukemi and Dizziness
  95. Developing courage
  96. Favorite Partners
  97. keeping energy level up for class and seminars
  98. Bad Uke
  99. Cultivating a mind for training honestly.
  100. Is Ukemi Destroying our bodies?
  101. What is your non-aikido workout?
  102. Training with Tomiki Sensei
  103. extension/letting techniques develop
  104. Concerns about Hombu dojo shidoin hands - enhancing wrist power
  105. YouTube: Ki in Aikido? (Y. Takeda sensei demo)
  106. Health Alert: Heatstroke
  107. Aikido in the work place
  108. Exercise physiology information
  109. Larger/stronger opponent
  110. Aikido - Is there Randori? Is Aikido a Workout?
  111. Training fees
  112. Dojo in Minnesota?
  113. Seiza pain?
  114. Recovering from a Herniated Disc
  115. Not applying techniques to new students?
  116. Too Old for Breakfalls?
  117. I think I'm feeling burnout or worse. I am seriously considering walking away.
  118. a little help perhaps?
  119. Suggestions for dojo in Tacoma/Olympia WA area?
  120. Me vs. an oak tree - Strength against ki
  121. Westside Martial Arts
  122. Internet Articles w/Info About Ueshiba Training Timeframes
  123. nihonden mugen ryu?
  124. When does it begin to make sense?
  125. Recovering from knee arthroscopy
  126. Tips and Advice (for first seminar)
  127. Stretching Redux
  128. You Can Learn Aikido From a Book
  129. Aikido in Los Angeles only for better income people?
  130. Aikido dojo in Portland, Oregon
  131. When is it time to turn it up a notch?
  132. My teacher is ill- who should I train with now?
  133. Aikido & back surgery
  134. Work and training finding a happy median.
  135. Some New ACL Research
  136. blending with ukes energy....quietly
  137. Interfacing Between Aikido Styles
  138. Training .... when you are not training
  139. Can you jam a metatarsal???
  140. Which Aikido school in or near Berkeley?
  141. Re: Training in Brownwood / Abilene Texas
  142. training kids in Aikido
  143. Being a good uke.
  144. Looking for dojo... (Fenelon Falls, Ontario)
  145. regular, informal training / get-togeher South-East Melbourne?
  146. Training while injured, my thoughts and yours....
  147. Hi - don't live near an aikido dojo
  148. 'Nen' in Aikido
  149. Poor posture seems to be on the rise.
  150. Exercises for developing the centre (center)
  151. Katauke dummy
  152. Exercise before breakfast
  153. responding in very close maai
  154. uke collusion
  155. Randori training
  156. The Essence of Training
  157. pressure testing
  158. Kane's question on training/ukemi
  159. Starting Aikido?
  160. Beginner - Randori/Jiyu-waza
  161. Why do you perceive "internal" superior to athleticism?
  162. Boston School Recommendations
  163. Really, grab my wrist!
  164. back to training after injuries
  165. Being Uke - Make Instructor Look Good?
  166. Do you train for strikes?
  167. Seeing Fireflies
  168. Practicing Alone
  169. Private lessons in Hong Kong?
  170. Ikeda's videos, my video, your video. Kuzushi on contact.
  171. Aikido and Kali?
  172. Hyper extended elbow
  173. static vs. dynamic waza
  174. Aikido, downhill skiing, and theories
  175. Aikido, Martial Arts & Sparring
  176. Uke Substitute
  177. Tendon Injury Research
  178. Fighting Mind vs Warrior Mind
  179. Suwari Waza
  180. Cramping
  181. Aikido and Weapons: The Connection
  182. No Nearby Dojos?
  183. Spiritual mechanisms
  184. What's Your Aikido Background?
  185. Training techniques
  186. Interesting Sports Medicine Article
  187. Injured rib
  188. Back to basics?
  189. Training in Melbourne
  190. single person aikido exercises
  191. Fear of Ukemi
  192. Are we really doing O'Senseis Aikido?
  193. Tony Wagstaffe's Youtube Videos
  194. Dojos in South Korea?
  195. Footwear for training?
  196. Kesagiri suburi, etc.
  197. Wrist Hangovers: Your Suggestions And Experience With Wrist Pain?
  198. Angry white pyjamas (One year instructor programme in Lancaster, UK)
  199. Basics, basics, basics
  200. Do We Need To Invent A New Training? Yes/No/Maybe/How?
  201. New trainee muscle pain
  202. Casualty of nikyo
  203. On Stopping/Starting/Stopping
  204. Training in Paris, Christian Tisser Sensei's Dojo
  205. Is there anything like the wrist stretches for ankles?
  206. Physical Training For Aikido
  207. Learning to Relax
  208. Aikido vs Drunken Boxing
  209. Training in Amsterdam in Aikidoschool Tenchi Ryu
  210. Thoughts on Ki, Aiki, Aikido, etc.
  211. On who should teach beginners
  212. The Art of Balance
  213. Cross training with Hapkido? Any advice?
  214. Training dummy
  215. cross training options
  216. Toheis five principles of Aikido
  217. training with a knee injury
  218. warming up
  219. effectiveness: experience on learning
  220. Philadelphia to Japan
  221. Weight Distribution: Standing and In Movement
  222. Aikido: Discussions of power
  223. Mount Shasta - directory not up to date?
  224. If I hear 'It's all the same' one more time...!
  225. Wrist Training With Holistic Effects?
  226. torifune and IS
  227. "Yes there is kicking and punching in Aikido..."
  228. Taking notes?
  229. Doing rolls/breakfalls at home
  230. kiai in aikido?
  231. More on High Break-falls
  232. need advice on injury
  233. correct ukemi?
  234. Aikido while in the airforce
  235. 100% Cooperative Training
  236. Following?
  237. Shaking/bouncing
  238. Sutemiwaza
  239. Aikido attacks.
  240. Aikido Without Falls
  241. The Principle of Sutemi
  242. Help! Blackbelts vs Sensei!
  243. Aikido, Tai Chi & Street Fighting
  244. Weapons training and developing perception of intent...
  245. Is it possible to train Aikido by my self?
  246. There is something wrong!
  247. Response to: It Had to be Felt #4: Arikawa Sadateru: "Please, put your hand Down!"
  248. Hombu Culture
  249. Training with full hip replacement
  250. Speed in waza?