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Home > Columns > "The Mirror"

"The Mirror" is a collaborative column written by a group of women (biographies) who describe themselves as:

We comprise mothers, spouses, scientists, artists, teachers, healers, and yes, of course, writers. We range in age from 30s through 50s, we are kyu ranked and yudansha and from various parts of the United States and styles of aikido. What we have in common is a love for budo that keeps it an integral part of our busy lives, both curiosity about and a commonsense approach to life and aikido, and an inveterate tendency to write about these explorations.

Date Author Title Discussion
February, 2007 "The Mirror" Another Training Dilemma: A "The Mirror" Conversation Discussion
January, 2007 "The Mirror" Dang! There's Aikido Everywhichwhere Discussion
November, 2006 "The Mirror" The Do in Do Discussion
October, 2006 "The Mirror" Beyond the Ninja Turtles Discussion
September, 2006 "The Mirror" The Gentle Art of Cat Fu Discussion
July, 2006 "The Mirror" Everyday Training Discussion
June, 2006 "The Mirror" Sempai Fi Discussion
May, 2006 "The Mirror" On Aikido and Self-Flushing Toilets Discussion
April, 2006 "The Mirror" Hanging Up My Dogi Discussion
March, 2006 "The Mirror" The Test Discussion
February, 2006 "The Mirror" Fighting Patterns Discussion
January, 2006 "The Mirror" Standing Up for Kokyu Dosa Discussion
December, 2005 "The Mirror" Death and Rebirth on the Mat Discussion
November, 2005 "The Mirror" Customizing the Dogi Discussion
October, 2005 "The Mirror" Keiko Discussion
September, 2005 "The Mirror" Symbols, Metaphors, Change Discussion
August, 2005 "The Mirror" ...With The Body You Have Discussion
June, 2005 "The Mirror" Serious Martial Artists Discussion
May, 2005 "The Mirror" Moral Stances on Shaky Ground Discussion
April, 2005 "The Mirror" Sempai/Kohai Discussion
March, 2005 "The Mirror" The Bird in the Pomegranate: Mental Misogi Discussion
February, 2005 "The Mirror" Thoughts on Irimi Discussion
January, 2005 "The Mirror" Appropriate Force Discussion
December, 2004 "The Mirror" How to Use a Sword Discussion
November, 2004 "The Mirror" Gone to the Dogs: Comparisons Discussion
October, 2004 "The Mirror" A Basic Weapons Bag Discussion
September, 2004 "The Mirror" My Mother's Gifts Discussion
August, 2004 "The Mirror" How to Make a Sword (Part One of Two) Discussion
June, 2004 "The Mirror" Damage Discussion
May, 2004 "The Mirror" Mediating Reality, Connecting with the World Discussion
April, 2004 "The Mirror" This is MY Mat! Discussion
March, 2004 "The Mirror" Introductions Discussion

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