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trademark8806's Blog Blog Tools Rating: Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 06-14-2009 12:51 AM
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Status: Public
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In Miscellaneous Pome kina Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #35 New 03-23-2010 10:23 AM
You sit in a connor watching as they prtice. They flow throw the movemetns so naturly, so evefortless. They look as if they are one. They bodies flow as if there is not force that is agisint them, they control it all. They put you into a trance, as if they are drying you to chllange them. You don't dear move you just wach, as they call you into there world. The wold they control, with out even trying to control. It is like they are not human they are just engery moving, they blure together, entilll..... Smack they hit mat and it fits back. You hear them collide, you wonder how they are nto splaterd to bits, but they jump back to there feet only to strat agin. Then it is your trun to take there hand and you feel them pull, only you fight because your instict tells youu to resit. Only to find that you will fail. You give in finding it futile to riste the ever so strong pull they apply. Then with out even knowing it happend you too are on the mat, as if you too are one with the mat. One with them. If only you could understand what just went on, but thats just it, the more you undersnd the less you are there. oh to be the engery , is to be nothing. There you are agin watching , wondering if you ever relly left, your legs go numb benth you and your relize that it was all a dream. You relize that you had jsut been watching them and you had done nothing at all.
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In Miscellaneous What to lurn when you know not what to lurn.. Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #25 New 02-09-2010 05:40 PM
I have been sorra conplying in my last few blogs, for this I applogiz. I also owe a thankyou to thowse whom have offered there take on my sistiouations and shared info. I am not always good at rembering to show my thanks to people, thow I owe it to so many.
On, that note, I have a socal issuse , I have truble in general with knowing when to say goodby and when to just leacve , because others are bussy. If it were up to me I would always say by , but if there talking there is no real way to do so with out intupting. Likwise , you are to bow to your partners after class. While I would like to try to do this, I have onstly forgtoton to sometimes ( too tryered) and gottoen scooled. However, some of the people are freinds and also enjoy talking about diffent teques and I do not want to intrupt so , I offen do not say tankyou to them. I would like to know is what should I do? Say thankyou and intrupt or just not? Oh, and I can't watie becaue I have to go offen , and we have to clean the mats up.
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In Miscellaneous odd Question Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #1 New 06-14-2009 01:37 AM
Background: I have been taking akido since March 30, 2009. I have not mastered a single thing. I knia know the 3 teques of the 7th kue test. I know how to role forward , most of the time. Other then that I not confint of any of it. I still need lots of help. I farily sure I suposed to be beter then I am. For espely latly so of what my sinsay's seem to be doing seems a bit scary over wellming and I am expected to knwo how to do it kninda aor atlest be able to atack on it. I kinda do the atack ok. For example, we did this active where you throw the person over your back, i was not even sure how to land porporly, so I kinda did not want to to do. We also did this high falls. Now , I kinda wanted to just watch, and try to figure out what was being done since the techeres were not explaning it in a way i understuud. That did not relly go over well, so I tryed anyway.
Also, do not fully understand the termnonaly used yet. I know I will be slow on this one I have atory porsing disorder and dislexia. ( in other words i dont here the volues the same way and i see the words difrently at times). I also have asbugrs so luring new socal rules is a changle , since I dont understand the normal ones. However, untill recently I had someone explan them to me. My dojo has nice people wom till recently were patant with me and helped me with all akido actives.
Howver , agin I feel like I am way behind where I suposed to be and techer is anyed with that. Gess kinda.

Quest ...More Read More
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