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Seeking Zanshin: Blood, Sweat, Tears & Aikikai Blog Tools Rating: Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 02-24-2005 10:53 PM
One small gal + a dojo full of big guys = tons o' fun
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In General The Etiology of Pain Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #214 New 10-20-2006 07:44 AM
So it looks like I'll be "sitting on the bag" for a little bit. A dubious honour, I know, but I just received my first concussion (albeit a mild one) during last Saturday's class. I guess this makes me a serious martial artist now.

I suppose I could just blame gravity. Taking a fall in close-quarters from a fast leg sweep, when it came down to My Head VS Garry's Bony Shin, Garry's Bony Shin won. Thankfully, it wasn't too bad (relatively speaking) --- I didn't get knocked unconscious, after all.

So here I sit, trying not to feel so dizzy and nauseous, helping out with the Beginner's Class and watching poor Garry have to take ukemi for Sensei in my place all week during the Regular Class. I'm sure he must be as pleased as punch now that at least Sascha can take some of that...pleasure from him.

Hopefully these symptoms go away soon so that I can get back to my life --- granted, they may not be as bad now as they were a few days ago, but for lack of a better way of describing it: it just plain sucks. I'm getting motion sickness from a bleedin' elevator ride and a 5 minute drive, for crying out loud --- what more were I to tenkan a lot or do ukemi right now. It just plain sucks.

But it's a head injury (read: medically-speaking, a Very Big Deal) and heck, I happen to like my brain, thank-you very much. Contrary to what others might believe, it rather comes in handy. So as soon as these nasty post-concussive symptoms disappear, it'll be a gradual progresion back to regular training. Once I can get through at least 20 minutes of activity symptom-free, that is. Then it's baby steps from there. Oh, joy. But first things first, of course. "Wiggle your big toe." :-P

In the meantime, I'm going through withdrawal already. As Jon has said before, my body was "definitely made for movement" and boy, does it ever miss moving.

While rather sedentary in some respects, I've been spending some time taking advantage of the vast opportunities my workplace offers in the way of research (to say the least). I'm loving being a staff member of a university. Where else can I:
- have a desk job that allows me to conserve energy all day for training in the evenings and lets me off with more than enough time to get to class?
- run just across the street to get access to not only athletic therapists and trainers, but the weight room on my lunch breaks?
- get a gym membership for less than $100 a year as both staff and alumni?
- get a generous employee health benefits package that includes Physiotherapy and massage?
- get ready access to tons of academic works and journal articles regarding Health, Kinesiology, Philosophy and even...Aikido, believe it or not?

It's almost as though working here was somehow meant to be (at least from a training perspective)...

Recently, it was a rather delightful discovery of mine to find a series of studies done over the past decade and published in the journal "Perception and Motor Skills" regarding the etiology of pain behind Ikkyo, Nikyo, Sankyo and Yonkyo. I found them particularly fascinating fron not only a technical perspective, but from an injury-care perspective as well (it's nice to be able to describe to a Physiotherapist "what the heck happened" from your --- rather uncommon --- martial art).

Especially so in taking this Prevention and Care of Sport Injuries course. The course has forced me to increase my sparse knowledge of Human Anatomy and Physiology and in so doing, I cannot help but find reading about "how it works", Aikido-wise, very interesting. Looking at the minutae of what I'm doing seems to have the result of opening my imagination towards greater possibilities regarding technique, especially in finding the most efficient application of it.

Having a working knowledge of the etiology of pain behind Aikido techniques also has the added benefit of better serving my own injury management. As I've said before, I'd never been much interested in the healing arts until I finally got into seriously training in the martial ones. Fancy that.
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