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Onna Bugeisha Blog Tools Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 07-22-2009 02:01 PM
From a big fish in a small pond to a tiny fish in a big sea.
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  #8 New 07-22-2009 02:14 PM
Tuesday's class went well. We worked with the bokken, which I am more comfortable with then the jo. We actually worke with the shinai's as well on some things just in case we happened to whack our partner. :O) No one did get whacked though, which is a good thing.

Wednesday's class was fun too. Not too many people were there, which gave us more room to train. We worked on kotegaishi, ikkyo and kaitenage from morotedori (both hands on same forearm). I didn't do bad on ikkyo and the kaitenage one I was comfortable with. For some reason during class I could NOT get the kotegaishi in class though! The funny thing was, as soon as class was over, I suddenly got it (mentally). I asked my husband to grab me and I was able to do it all the sudden. Very strange!

Iaido class went well. We worked on several kata. My bokken with saya is still out of comission, so I used my regular bokken. No saya made my training a little bit easier, though I felt like I was suddenly cheating since I didn't have it. We worked on: shohatto, sato, uto, atarito, inyoshintai, jyunto, batto, iwanami, ukifune gaeshi, noarashi gaeshi, utsusemi and one other kata which I can not remember. I am getting more comfortable with most of the kata. The only one I still struggle with is ryuto. I will get the hang of it eventually though. Sato is also giving me a tiny bit of trouble because I have to pull my center forward with my left leg forward and I just haven't done it enough on that side. My right side is a little better though.

Today's aikido class went well. We worked on several things from shomenuchi. We worked on iriminage, kaitenage, sumiotoshi, a technigue where you enter to the inside and end up on one knee & then you basically take uke's balance and they do a forward roll over top of you, a technique where ou enter to the insde crouched over (like you ducked a punch & were going to hit them with your shoulder) and both of your arms are to one side & then you come up and do iriminage. I got the roll one alright, but I struggled a little bit on the last one I described. I guess I figured it out by the roll one, which we did after. The thing I have to remember is that you slide in, not step! Whatever foot you have forward, is the side that you slide to. :O)

I am getting more comfortable with my ukemi with every class. My rolls are getting more smooth as I am remembering to keep my arm extended. My falls are getting better Sensei picked me up waist high to show something to my partner and then just dropped me. Not only did he do this once, but he did it twice; once on each side. My falls were fine and my slaps sounded nice, which surprised me. Good to know I carried something over from my previous 8 years of training! In fact, yesterday sensei had the other students watch me do rolls. Whether it is because my rolls are good or if I just happened to be the lesser of evils there that day I don't know. HAHA.

At the end of class today sensei asked if anyone was staying for second hour of class. I said "That class is for 5th kyu and up correct?" and sensei said "Yes it is, but you and Howard are welcome to join in the class." I felt a bit honored that he would allow us to stay and train since we are only 6th kyu. Sensei said to let him know this Saturday what our decision is about whether we are going to stay for Thursday's second hour or not. Well, Howard and I have already decided that we are most definately going to stay!

Things to work on:
1.) Remain balanced through all techniques
2.) Turn with the whole body when doing iriminage
3.) When you go to one knee, keep your toes active on the foot that has the knee on the mat
4.) When you are down on one knee push through ukes knee to cause them to go into their forward roll
5.) On iriminage, don't pull uke's extended arm into you, extend positively down and that will bring your uke's center back towards you, but not their entire body
6.) On sumiotoshi, it is ukes responsibility to get out of the way! Don't just bend backwards. Instead, push your center forward. This will automatically bend you backwards. Bring one or both legs forward from under you to fall faster.

1.) The toe to the left of my big toe on my left foot HURTS! I have no idea what I did to it when I was down on one knee, but I squished it somehow. Nothing major though. :O)
2.) The area where my hips and butt meats are sore on both sides. This is simply from iaido and won't last for long
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