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John Boswell's Blog Blog Tools Rating: Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 02-26-2005 11:02 AM
John Boswell
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  #19 New 02-03-2005 04:05 PM
Another thing I wanted to touch base on, because I'm so "worldly" and "awe-inspiring"... is my signature quote which reads:

Knowledge and Experience together are the cornerstone of Wisdom." J.A.E.B.
I made this my signature because it is, to me, the most profound thought and concept I have ever had in my life.

Knowledge: Growing up, we go to school, we join clubs, we go on adventures, we read books and watch t.v. Always, we are doing something to broaden our horizons and learn more. Never know when you need to know all that trivial crap. And it is: Trivial! SO MUCH IMPORTANCE was placed on grades in school. What do they matter now? If you have your degree, then who cares that you made straight A's in the 3rd grade? Might have some baring on whether you make it to Harvard or Florida State... but otherwise, big whoops!

So we cram and cram all this knowledge into our heads. What for? Does it mean we live a better life? Nope. Some of the most intellegent people I know are alchoholics. Lawyers, Doctors, Politicians... a big majority have lives that are so twisted and messed up, you'd wonder how they got their position of power in the first place? Who knows?

SO... Knowldege does not beget Wisdom.

Experience: "Gotta try everything once to see if you like it!" Uh... don't think so. My brother-in-law once told me this. Because of him and that saying, I've tried driving a corvette at 15 with no license, escargo, freshly squeezed orange juice that cost 5 per 6oz. class, and countless other things.What the HELL was I THINKIN'!? Now THAT boy was crazy. By the way, he died two years ago from complications from alcoholism. Nasty business.

Allen, the B-in-law, would tell me stories of things he had done, places he visited, people he had met, educations he's recieved both in and out of school. The man was captain of too much info! But what good was all that experience? It served him no purpose.

On one of the "wife swap" shows on T.V., there was a man who had traveled the world and had been everywhere and done everything. But he was in Thailand when his brother died and he could not make it back to the U.S. for the funeral. He felt guilty ever since. Later, he married and father'ed two fine young boys... one 16 and the other 12. This family NEVER went anywhere, never traveled, never went to the beach (and they lived in L.A.) and the Dad was convinced that the kids and wife would just stay there for all their lives. SO... the Dad had all kinds of experiences, but due to one bad incident, he now finds himself denying his children the ability to have experiences of their own. Hell, they didn't even KNOW there was life after Dad! And they never dared question it?What an injustice!! Totally!

But now, if you put these two things together: Knowledge and Experience... NOW we're getting somewhere. Take a look at a true Master of anything and you will see someone with both Knowledge and Experience in their field. Hunting, Martial Arts, Fine Arts, Politics, etc.

Now, this brings up a good point I hadn't thought of before: Can a person have knowledge and experience... thusly have wisdom, and yet still be wrong?

Ted Kennedy comes to mind here. This boy has been around the block once or twice. He knows his stuff and yeah, I think when it comes to doing what he does, he is wise in the ways of politics. BUT, I think he's as wrong as wrong can be on many topics and as AMORAL as his drinkin' buddy Bill Clinton. They can play the world of politics like a harp... plucking strings and making a melody they could dance the night away to.

SO... new question for me to ponder: What is Wisdom? Is it exclusively Right or Wrong? How can someone be Wise and still do the wrong thing?

Get back with ya on this one...
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