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John Boswell's Blog Blog Tools Rating: Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 02-26-2005 10:02 AM
John Boswell
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In General About that thread... Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #5 New 12-13-2004 09:10 AM
"How do you keep your cool?"

I started that thread the other day and boy... has it ever escalated!

1) Uke locks me out.
2) Nage (me) loses his temper and makes ass of self.
3) I blame uke, should have looked to improve technique.
4) Now everyone is gunning for that "uke" who's not being uke.

Starting to feel sorry for the poor guy. He's dead meat if he locks up on my sempai because they're all lining up ready and waiting for it now. "At ease, men! Stand down!"

What I have really learned from this situation is the following and some I'm sure I'll forget:

A) Connection! I was in no way connected to the uke's center or I would have moved him, right?
B) Extension! I need to lower my center on this guy. It's not enough that I have longer arms... on anyone. On this uke in particular I found myself bending at the waist to get him to go over... I need to drop my center.
C) Take it to Sensei! I have a real fear that at least one sempai is retaliating against this uke... on my behalf, and I don't like the thought of that. If someone gets hurt, responsibility is mine as I should have taken my concerns straight to my instructor and ONLY him. No one else should have been involved... now EVERYONE is!

I guess, if anyone in my class is reading this, feel free to comment, but I hope that all understand that I have truly realized that I have much to change within myself. The uke has much to learn, but I have much to improve. Think about it like this:

If Sensei can move this guy, why can't I ? The answer is because sensei is doing something that I am not... and I need to find what that is. That's how we improve our technique and get better. AKA : Learning !

Anyhooooo..... moving right along.
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RSS Feed 2 Responses to "About that thread..."
#2 12-16-2004 08:46 AM
John Boswell Says:
Howdy Lan, I don't think anyone is "truly" gunning for him and no, none of you are small minded. But that this student might be injured due an increased vigalence regarding him... that was my fear. And you have to admit, after class last night, the intensity in training with this guy HAS BEEN stepped up. J.C. has admitted as much both to us and to the uke student. It was a fear, that is all. We are all learning from this experience. And like on that thread, many have said that this is a tremendous opportunity to learn that not everyone gets to experience. So, I guess we're kinda lucky in a way. We get to experience this first hand, what a really bad uke is and can learn why it is so... and how to correct it and how to TEACH correcting it. Hell! Before ya know it, he'll be getting a medal for being such a Bad Uke and have a friggin' holiday named after him! In the immortal words of Dr. Zoidberg:" What an HONOR! Whoop whoop whoop!"
#1 12-15-2004 09:31 PM
Lan Powers Says:
Hiya amigo Interesting to read your comments concerning the situation of the young un....it is actually not just a personal thing with you two. If I may address your points # as well as the comment C. Do you think, actually , really think, that all the others are "gunning for" this kid? (I find that kind of hard to beleive) The issues of his ukemi have been building for a while....each one has "dealt with" the concept of how to address it in our own way. Those ways change constantly with his progress of course. You know step one technique/ukemi is to do the technique as shown regardless, make it work through correcting your self, but don't change it. that is 1 next level allows you to adapt to match uke (reposition, change to more appropriate tech. for his attack or response to how you act. that's 2 We've all worked with 1 for a good bit. He thinks he is "winning" by resisting, and can ajust his resistance better with practice to where it won't work anylonger to just ajust yourself.....now step 2 We are there now. C I hope you aren't thinking any of us are that small minded. (I love ya man, but not to that point) I thought this through a lot over the last few days and it is actually a good thing this all came to the top now, it can be dealt with and he will learn from it. (As we all will) See ya Your friend Lan

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